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Beneath the surface, nothing is what it seems

Morag hopes her problems will be solved by a summer trip with family and friends to Orkney, Scotland, a place filled with mythology. 

Only it doesn't take Morag much time in their island castle to suspect Orkney mythology might be more fact than myth. Suddenly, her problems condense down to one: Get everyone off the island—alive. But the only way is for Morag to figure out who she truly is before time runs out. 

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Some appetites can

be all-consuming...

Veronica hopes she and her boyfriend Gilbert are prepared for the storm-of-the-century blizzard bearing down on their mobile home outside the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado. When a neighbor's car runs off the road, Gilbert drives the man home, leaving Veronica all alone. Until she realizes she's not alone at all. Gilbert returns to find his girlfriend terrified by inexplicable events. As he and Veronica face a long, frightening night, the blizzard ends up being the least of their problems. They thought they could face anything together—but sometimes, people change.


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