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My newest book, Curse of the Orkney Sea, is a YA contemporary fantasy set in Orkney, Scotland and will be published October 1st with Literary Wanderlust. My character Morag mixes up sounds and colors in her mind in what she's told is synesthesia. Her fantastical adventures in Orkney-sometimes frightening and sometimes beautiful-inspire an eclectic mix of music you can listen to below. 

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Old Cravings - Jarrett, Joy.jpg

Some cravings never go away...

Veterinarian Piper is pragmatic enough to know her marriage wasn’t working, which is why she left Dylan a year ago and pretends it hasn’t hurt like hell every day since. Then Dylan calls out of the blue and tells her to come right away for an animal emergency. Piper arrives on the ranch that used to be her home to find her horse savagely killed. She can’t fathom what could have done it. One thing, however, is obvious. Piper still loves Dylan.

Dylan isn't over Piper, not by a long shot. After her horse was ripped apart by something he’s pretty sure wasn’t a bear, it feels so good to hold Piper in his arms again. If only they could find a way to undo the mess that drove them apart.

An epic blizzard hits, trapping Piper and Dylan on the ranch for what just might be their one chance at reuniting. But as things get a whole lot scarier, it’s clear something evil has brought them together.

Hunted by the supernatural, they must fight for their lives, but can they also fight for their love?

Current work:
Branching Out


My current work-in-progress is another horror romance taking place on the coast of Oregon at a raptor center for birds of prey. Willow, struggling to support the animals she loves, opens a tree house resort to fund her birds. But when Jake, the brother of her nemesis, turns over a new leaf to help her out, his actions unleash an ancient evil that threatens everything Willow loves...which, to her amazement, just might be starting to include Jake himself.

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